Music City Tiny House

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Getting Started with Going Tiny – Free Yourself From Your Sh*t!

One question we’ve been getting a lot lately is: “Where should we start?!” In itself, this question seems perfectly benign and wonderfully simple, but each time I start to answer, I feel woefully under-qualified to do so. “Going tiny” is often referred to as a journey, and with good reason! It’s not a process that happens overnight (often it isn’t… Read more →

Nashville & Tiny Houses- What We Know (And What You Should Know Too)

This post is probably loooong overdue. We get tons of emails every week, and the vast majority of them are specifically asking us about Nashville zoning and how we manage to get away with having a tiny house in downtown Nashville when so many of the regulations point to it being illegal. I’ve touched on bits and pieces of this… Read more →

The American Tiny House Association

John and I were recently asked to be state chapter leaders for the American Tiny House Association. It was a huge moment for us! We’re advocates, fighters, change-makers, and we’ve spent a lot of time and energy over the last year building a base, developing our message and strategy and talking to the decision makers in our city in an effort… Read more →

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Why We Fight

There was a documentary primarily shown during WW2 to soldiers called “Why We Fight” to inspire their sense of duty and patriotism. While we know that what we are doing isn’t nearly as brave, selfless and righteous as soldiers in war, we also know why we fight. We fight because we believe in something greater than Tiny Houses. The tiny… Read more →